What is DID SIOP ?

SIOP - DID Profile is a way to authenticate yourself for online services using identities created by you(decentralized identities DIDs) and yourself becoming the authentication provider. It provides you the convenience of accessing services without creating separate accounts while not having to share your personal data with anyone else. Since you are the identity provider, you do not share any personal data with anyone and you have created your own identity, you do not depend on any third party for your digital identity.

In simple terms, this is a way to avoid relying on social login schemes (such as Facebook or Google Login) to access various online platforms, but enjoy the same convenience provided by such login services. Instead of an enterprise providing an Identity on behalf of a user, user himself/herself become the identity claim provider. This means, the user will not share his/her personal information with any external party. Hence, the user could decide what information will be shared with whom and when.

Specifications for Self Issued OpenID Connect Provider (SIOP) is a part of OAuth 2.0 and complies OpenID Connect Core 1.0 which are the underlying protocols for all popular social login schemes. This guarantees the data flows and user journeys remain the same compared to what users are using today.

As name suggests, DID SIOP rely on Decentralised Identities (DIDs) which is a way of creating and managing identities without an authoritative entity. DIDs could be backed by Decentralised Ledger Technology (DLTs), and provide means for Authentication and Authorization of entities in a trusted manner using cryptography.

Tool set available here encapsulates all the complexities of above technologies and provides an easy to use set of functionalities for users to start with DID SIOP.

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Take your first step towards data privacy and control over your personal data. Setting up your login with DID takes less than 5 minutes and could use with any service provider who has SIOP login feature implemented.

For Developers
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Developer SDK

Show your commitment towards your customers’ data privacy by introducing user login using DID SIOP. You could have all your existing login options intact while introducing additional way to get users authenticated.